Un Sistema de Paredes de Vidrio Limpio, Sencillo, y Contemporáneo

El sistema de paredes de oficina de vidrio de the View combina simplicidad con flexibilidad haciendo mover la configuración de la pared una tarea fácil. La solución del frente de vidrio cosido mínimamente ofrece puertas corredizas de vidrio sin estructura elegantes además de puertas de aluminio y madera con estructura. View Series de paredes de oficina puede ser combinada con nuestra serie de paredes de oficina más comprensiva Flex Series. Combinar los dos sistemas de paredes de oficina puede entregar el frente más expansible y solución de paredes del lado en el mercado hoy.

Unlimited Glass Choices
The View glass office wall system integrates any glass selected within a range of 3/8” to 1/2” thick – from clear tempered and laminated to your selected specialty glass needs. Our approach lets you decide and design. Our Glass interior operable walls are easily and quickly demountable to meet your changing needs.


NxtWall’s unique patented product design is budget friendly due to the ease of change in heights from use to reuse. Wall finishes are unlimited and can be easily changed from from a solid wall to a clerestory office wall to a floor to ceiling glass wall to maximize natural light as your business office needs grow.


Unlimited Flexible Office Wall Options

  • Can use combinations of wall systems
  • Track and Roller guides options
  • Frameless sliding glass doors
  • Flexible enough for uneven floors
  • Unlimited glass wall finish options
  • Completely portable and reusable

Integrate into any Existing Architecture
Often people think of glass office walls as only suited for newer facilities. Because the View Glass Wall line is so subtle it can easily be integrated into older buildings with unique architectural features. Adding interior operable walls made from glass is a perfect way to divide space while giving your office natural daylight and openness. Even if your existing walls and flooring are not perfect, the View Glass Wall Series is flexible enough to be integrated into your office space design. Here is a gallery of existing Interior Glass Wall and Partition Installations.


Durable and Quiet Sliding Glass Office Doors
Our minimally seamed glass office front solution, offers multiple options in door openings. Choose from a combination of frameless glass sliding and swing doors, as well as framed and solid aluminum or wood doors. Our innovative two-piece track guide and track system and integrated sliding rail design provides a clean, simple and functional design guaranteed to perform.

Wall Architectural Wall  
Partition Full Height glazed wall, Centered  
Frame Aluminum  
Thickness 3″ 1/16  
Studs Multi-directional (butt joint) or square post  
Glass Panels Glass thickness of 3/8″ to 1/2″  
Doors Solid, Glazed, Frameless Glass, or Aluminum Framed options
(Full Height sliding or swing), Soft Open/Close Sliding options
Door Frame Reversible door frames and doors  
Compatibility Compatibility with NxtWall’s Flex Office Wall Products  
Maximum Height 10 ft  
Glazing Options Single pane tempered = clear, frosted or mixed options  
Adaptability Flexible wall system allows for unleveled floor applications  



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Información de las paredes de la oficina movibles

La galería de imágenes del Sistema de Paredes de Vidrio de View Series