NxtWall Time-Lapse Installation Videos:

NxtWall Reconfiguration Time-Lapse Installation Video:
Convert one large office into two smaller more efficient offices

Have you ever wondered how NxtWall Demountable Wall installers can take one large office and divide it into two spaces quickly? It is simple to reconfigure any office formation using NxtWall’s demountable walls field-fit design. Office environments today need to be flexible and adapt to the ever-changing staffing needs. They also need to be dynamic and scalable, ready to grow or shrink as work patterns dictate. NxtWall designers are ready to work with you to create a new office design or help you take an existing NxtWall Office and reconfigure it into the perfect design.

NxtWall FNB Time-Lapse Installation Video:
Convert vacant space into beautiful office suite compete with all-glass conference room.

First National Bank of Michigan, is a locally owned bank with locations throughout Southwest Michigan, wanted to expand into a new market in Holland, Michigan. The permanent location they selected was still under construction, but the time was right to open their doors, so they moved into a temporary space. They needed to move fast, and they wanted a wall system that was not only architecturally appealing but also demountable and reconfigurable so, when the time came, they could move to their new location and take their newly constructed offices with them. Watch NxtWall’s time lapse video and see how a vacant office space was transformed into a beautiful office suite complete with an all-glass conference room.

NxtWall Product Information Videos:

What is a Wall?

NxtWall Demountable Walls can help your company stay flexible in this ever-changing business environment. Watch our animated video that briefly describes how NxtWall’s demountable wall system works. See the many benefits of installing a quality architectural wall. Perfect for your next office construction or renovation project regardless of size. NxtWall offers a quality product at a competitive price, with tone of the fastest turnaround time in the industry. NxtWall architectural walls are 100% reconfigurable and up to 100% recyclable. Keep building debris out of landfills by using demountable wall partitions.

What’s in the Box?

What’s in the box video is a visual representation of how easy NxtWall Demountable Walls are to install. The process is fast and can quickly partition off an interior space without compromising quality or aesthetics. NxtWall modular wall partitions can also be moved and reused so you can reconfigure your office space with minimal downtime. NxtWall architectural walls only require a single trade installer who can take the project from start to finish.

Flex Series Installation 3D Animation:
See how easy it is to install a NxtWall Flex Demountable Wall system.

Sometimes a visual representation is worth 1000 words. Watch the Flex Series Animated Installation video in 3D for a visual representation of how easy it is to install Flex Series Demountable Walls. NxtWall’s field-fit design lets the installation team adapt to each sites nuances and delivers a uniquely fitted product made for your space.

NxtWall Instructional Installation Videos:

Flex Series Instructional Videos:

Flex Series: Basic Framing Installation

Basic installation of the Flex Series. This video shows a standard wall to wall installation. Video will show how to install the Flex Track, Vertical Flex Studs, and Horizontal Flex Studs.

Flex Series: Flex Post Installation

Video on how to install a Flex Post when installing the Flex Series for floor-to-ceiling applications. The video covers Flex Post configurations, how to measure for the Flex Post, measuring for the Flex Studs, attaching to the Flex Post, and how to install the Flex Post.

Flex Series: Framing Swing Door Openings

Video on how to frame swing door openings. Covers how to properly space Flex Studs for swing door openings, cut vertical Flex Studs for door openings, and how to measure/cut floor track when there is a door opening.

View Series Instructional Videos:

View Series: Framing for Sliding Door

Video on how to frame for a sliding door for the View Series when attaching to a Bulkhead. For attaching the framing to the ceiling when there is a ceiling grid please reference the View Series: Ceiling Grid Application video.

View Series: Ceiling Grid Application

Video on how to attach the View Series framing when attaching to a ceiling grid.

View Series: Framing for Swing Doors

How to frame for Swing Door partitions in the View Series.