3M Decorative Glass Films and Finishes

Transform plain glass with 3M™ Glass Finishes and Decorative Glass Films
Customize your interior glass with 3M™ glass finishes to create privacy, visual interest and promotional branding. Transform plain glass, capturing the look of cut or textured glass at a fraction of the price. With so many style options and translucencies, you can tailor the amount of privacy your design provides — without sacrificing natural light.

You can design a space that’s private without making it feel closed off with 3M™ Glass Finishes. Frosted, dusted, textured — you name it, 3M has a finish to match your style. Create the privacy you need with a design that’s all your own.

PHOTO GALLERY: NxtWall Glass Walls with Decorative Glass Film

Glass Film Applications:

  • Define interior spaces while keeping an open feel
  • Customize privacy without sacrificing natural light
  • Create die-cut designs to promote your brand
  • Conceal areas from the public
  • Ideal for interior glass doors or inside surfaces of windows

How to buy 3M Decorative Glass Films

When you contact a 3M™ Certified Dealer Installer, they’ll get an understanding of your needs, schedule an onsite consultation, recommend a product or products, take measurements and/or discuss installation logistics.

3M’s Silver, Gold, Platinum and Large Commercial Certified Dealers have been certified by 3M™ to deliver outstanding service, installation and satisfaction. When you purchase decorative film from a 3M™ Certified Dealer Installer, the warranty for both the film and the labor comes directly from 3M, so you can buy with confidence.

PLEASE NOTE: NxtWall does not directly supply 3M decorative glass films and finishes. However, all NxtWall wall systems support the ability to install it.

3M Authorized Dealer Installer Locator

3M™ authorized dealer installers have access to the entire 3M™ product offering are committed to the highest quality and service standards. They have been professionally trained and certified to deliver superior installation backed by 3M’s comprehensive warranties.