Case Studies: NxtWall Architectural Demountable Walls

NxtWall Case Study - Easy on Hold - Kalamazoo, MI

Easy on Hold – Kalamazoo, MI

Easy On Hold® is a Michigan based company providing custom audio services for businesses worldwide. Easy on Hold was running out of space – they needed more room to accommodate their growing business. A larger building in the perfect location became available but they needed to move quickly. With just 60 days to make the move, Easy On Hold came to NxtWall for help. They wanted to design their new office space using a demountable wall system so that it could be reconfigured to accommodate continued growth or taken apart and moved to a new location, if need be.


Morehouse College – Atlanta, GA

Morehouse College wanted to renovate the entire Fredrick Douglas Academic Resources Center to make better use of the existing space. In the newly designed (D’ARC) lay-out, the College hoped to provide their students with an area that would encourage both collaboration and give them the room to learn and use technology to the fullest advantage. They also wanted to allow as much natural light into the open area by making use of glass front study rooms rather than closing them off with solid drywall construction.


NxtWall View Series Glass Conference Room - Infinity Residential - Irvine, CA

Infinity Residential – Irvine, CA

Infinity Residential, a residential property management company located in Orange County – Irvine, California, wanted to update their office and make better use of the existing space. They decided to “gut” the entire two-story structure. In the newly designed office lay-out, the designers wanted to take advantage of as much natural light as possible yet still allow for privacy in the offices facing the windows. Ultimately, the employees needed an area that would allow them to do their jobs in an aesthetically pleasing environment that could adapt as needs changed.


Plarium Global Ltd – Portage, MI

Plarium Global, Ltd specializes in the art and science of game design. They design high quality online and mobile games that attract millions of people from around the world. Plarium employees have a strong need for individual office space to focus on specific projects but they also require space for collaboration, depending on which part of the gaming process they are working on. The challenge was for NxtWall to provide Plarium with more individual work spaces that provided acoustical and visual privacy while still maintaining an area for brainstorming and fun. NxtWall’s View and Flex Series were used to create spaces for both privacy and collaboration that were both versatile and well within budget.  Look to NxtWall demountable walls for the perfect hybrid wall solution for today’s demanding office environment.


NxtWall Flex Series Full Ht Glass/Solid Demountable Wall Offices

The Financial Guys – 305 Spindrift – Williamsville, NY

The Financial Guys purchased property that was constructed in 1998. The property had been well maintained however, the interior office configuration was wide open with cubicles for a high employee count. The Financial Guys’ needs were completely different. They wanted large high-end offices throughout their space. Since the task was so comprehensive, the challenge was to find a demountable wall system that could go from concept to completion quickly…


Tower Life Building – San Antonio, TX

Tower Life properties were looking for a demountable wall system that could meet their structural needs, today and in the future, as their clients’ needs change. They were particularly interested in renovating two floors that have been vacant for some time. NxtWall demountable architectural wall systems were the perfect answer to address Tower Life’s dilemma. After renovating its two vacant floors, Tower Life Properties closed the deal with a tenant within two weeks. What started as a 2-floor project has now turned in to an ongoing project. Today, NxtWall has been used to renovate over 10 floors of the Tower Life Building…


FNB of MICHIGAN- NxtWall demountable wall system case study

First National Bank of Michigan – Holland, MI

The new Holland branch of FNB of Michigan moved into a temporary location while their permanent location was under construction. They wanted a wall system that was not only architecturally appealing, but also demountable and reconfigurable— which would make the transition into their new location much easier, and less time consuming.


Controlled Products, LLC – Dalton, GA

Controlled Products is the world’s leading manufacturer of artificial turf. Much of the innovation in the turf industry is due to Controlled Product’s strong commitment to research and development. They incorporate the latest technology into each project and into their state-of-the-art facilities in Dalton, Georgia. Controlled Products prides itself on their ability to develop, market and package innovative, customized turf solutions…


Marshall Lifestyle Medicine - NxtWall demountable wall system case study

Marshall Lifestyle Medicine – Lexington, KY

Marshall Lifestyle Medicine Specializes in lifestyle medicine with a commitment to mind, body, and wellness. An interior space that was welcoming, attractive and calming where patients, family and friends would feel safe, nutured and even pampered was desired.


Banner Bank Building - NxtWall demountable wall system case study

Banner Bank Building – Boise, ID

The Banner Bank Building is Idaho’s first multi-tenant office building to be certified with a LEED PLATINUM Certification. The Banner Bank Building occupies eleven stories at one of the city’s premier downtown addresses. This business center hosts 180,000 square feet of office and retail space.


American International School of Utah - NxtWall demountable wall system case study

American International School of Utah – Murray, UT

The American International School of Utah (AISU) serves grades K-12. The middle and high schools maintain a rigorous academic
environment tailored to the individual with project-based learning aimed at preparing students for college by cultivating the next
generation of problem solvers with an emphasis on innovation.


Ashfield Meetings & Events - NxtWall demountable wall system case study

Ashfield Meetings & Events – Ivyland, PA

Informal meeting spaces are what this company thrives on for collaboration. Brightly painted rooms are toward the front of
the space, adjacent to a large, formal conference room. NxtWall demountable glass walls allow these rooms to feel larger while
also providing acoustical privacy.


Holy Redeemer - NxtWall demountable wall system case study

Holy Redeemer – Huntingdon Valley, PA

Convent to house the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer, this late 1930’s building has undergone a tremendous modern interior
transformation. The 3-story building was repurposed into a learning and conference center for the Holy Redeemer Health System
employees. The goal was to create an environment that would fit their corporate mission.