NxtWall Door Finish Information:

NxtWall’s variety of door finishes completes the installation of your office design and complements all glass walls, as well as, vinyl and laminate wall finishes. Door finishes range from modern to traditional design and come in 50+ color choices. They are available in 4 grades. NxtWall’s standard Grade 1 solid core laminate door options provide a classic look. Our Grade 2 laminate finishes offer a variety of colors and wood grain appearances. For a more traditional look NxtWall offers Grade 3 wood veneers finishes in either red oak or white birch. For a more contemporary or industrial look, our design team can guide you in your selection of Grade 4 aluminum framed doors in both swing and sliding as well as single and double configurations.

Grade 1: Standard (Solid Core Laminate)
Grade 2: Solid Core Laminate
Grade 3: Wood Veneer
Grade 4: Aluminum Frame

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GRADE 1 : Solid Core Laminate Door Finishes (Standards)

GRADE 2 : Solid Core Laminate Door Finishes

GRADE 3 : Wood Veneer Door Finishes

GRADE 4 : Aluminum Frame Door Finishes

NOTE: Variations in color may occur among individual computer monitors and printers. Use for reference only.
For more details please contact: info@nxtwall.com