Laminate/Melamine Wall Panel Information:

Laminate/Melamine wall finishes can transform the look of your office design. Both NxtWall's melamine and laminate wall panels are built with durable particle board substrate that adds value and style to your project. Our laminate/melamine wall finishes are available in many styles from light and airy to deep and textured, and are a sturdy alternative to other interior wall products. NxtWall’s architectural wall systems can be paired with whiteboards and other modern office features to improve work performance and worker happiness.

Wall Board Sizes (all are 1/2” thickness):

  • GRADE 1:  4´x 8´and 4´x 9´ sizes available
  • GRADES 2-3:  4´x 8´, 4´x 9´and 4´x 10´ sizes available

Wall Board Details:

  • Particle Board Substrate
  • Grade 1 = fixed pricing/best value
  • Grades 2 & 3 (Wilsonart) = pricing is based upon QTY ordered
  • Custom/Specials = Pricing varies and is based upon QTY ordered.
  • Special Orders Available
PDF Download of NxtWall Laminate/Melamine Wall FinishesDownload PDF Version

GRADE 1: Laminate/Melamine Wall Finishes

Almond - Laminate Wall Finish
Black - Laminate Wall Finish
Classic White - Laminate Wall Finish
Classic White
Grey - Laminate Wall Finish
Hardrock Maple - Laminate Wall Finish
Hardrock Maple
Prestige Maple - Laminate Wall Finish
Prestige Maple
White (Froth of the Sea) - Laminate Wall Finish
White (Froth of the Sea)
White (Vanilla Orchid) - Laminate Wall Finish
White (Vanilla Orchid)

GRADE 2: Laminate/Melamine Wall Finishes

* Denotes color match to NxtWall’s standard door laminates.

Biltmore Cherry - Laminate Wall Finish
Biltmore Cherry*
Empire Mahogany - Laminate Wall Finish
Empire Mahogany*
English Oak - Laminate Wall Finish
English Oak*
Fusion Maple - Laminate Wall Finish
Fusion Maple*
Amber Cherry - Laminate Wall Finish
Amber Cherry
Asian Sun - Laminate Wall Finish
Asian Sun
Blond Echo - Laminate Wall Finish
Blond Echo
Brighton Walnut - Laminate Wall Finish
Brighton Walnut
Cafelle - Laminate Wall Finish
Columbian Walnut - Laminate Wall Finish
Columbian Walnut
Fonthill Pear - Laminate Wall Finish
Fonthill Pear
Harvest Maple - Laminate Wall Finish
Harvest Maple
Mambo - Laminate Wall Finish
Nepal Teak - Laminate Wall Finish
Nepal Teak
Wild Cherry - Laminate Wall Finish
Wild Cherry

GRADE 3: Laminate/Melamine Wall Finishes


Black WA - Wall Finish
Black WA
Dove Grey - Wall Finish
Dove Grey
Frosty White - Wall Finish
Frosty White
Indigo - Wall Finish
Khaki Brown - Wall Finish
Khaki Brown
Lapis Blue - Wall Finish
Lapis Blue
Natural Almond - Wall Finish
Natural Almond
Platinum - Wall Finish
Port - Wall Finish
Shadow - Wall Finish


Evening Tigris - Wall Finish
Evening Tigris
Forged Steel - Wall Finish
Forged Steel
Neutral Glace - Wall Finish
Neutral Glace
Satin Stainless - Wall Finish
Satin Stainless
White Nebula - Wall Finish
White Nebula
White Tigris - Wall Finish
White Tigris

GRADE 4: Custom Laminate/Melamine Wall Finishes

Any Special Order Melamine or Laminate.

NOTE: Variations in color may occur among individual computer monitors and printers. Use for reference only.

For more details please contact: