On June 10th, 2013 – NxtWall unveiled its new Demountable Walls Showroom located within the Kinzie Design Center, right across the street from the Merchandise Mart. The Grand Opening which coincided with the International Neocon Show was a huge success, and demonstrated the flexibility and innovation of NxtWall’s wall systems.

When walking into the showroom space for the first time, many of the initial reactions from the event-goers involved comments on how the NxtWall products conform seamlessly to the existing space, overcoming the pre-existing architectural challenges.

Some of the architectural challenges faced:

  • Unleveled floor conditions
  • Existing HVAC and conduit along the walls and ceilings
  • Varying wood joist ceiling
  • Tapering brick cornice along the walls

The overall design of NxtWall’s showroom exhibits just how flexible NxtWall’s products can be with the use of glass, solid, whiteboard, and chalkboard wall panels. Throughout the initial design process there was a focus to demonstrate the depth of creativity that can be achieved utilizing NxtWall’s innovative products. NxtWall’s field-fit installation enables the architectural and design communities to conceptualize a single office space with features such as daylight harvesting, multi-segmented and multi-transom walls, integrated whiteboards, curved walls, and unlimited use of wall panels and trim finishes.

Some of the highlights from the NxtWall Chicago Showroom:

  • The “NxtBar” (a full serve bar composed of NxtWall’s Flex series wall components)
  • SYNZoysia platinum (grass) and natural wood block wall panels
  • Integrated whiteboards and chalkboard
  • Quick release imaging transposed onto clear tempered glass
  • Double sliding conference room doors with “V”-shaped entrance
  • Anodized, black and white aluminum finishes
  • Curved/angled butt-jointed clear-tempered floor-to-ceiling glass wall office
  • The “Skeleton Wall” which demonstrates how the system is assembled as well as how it conforms to existing architectural conditions
  • Multi-segmented office with integrated open shelving wall

Thank you to everyone who visited and participated in our opening events!

Missed our Grand Opening?
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