Office Door Types:

Interchangeable Door Configurations Offer Flexibility

Our Flex office wall system and View office modular wall system offers many different types of doors, materials and configurations. All of our office doors are designed to work interchangeably with all of our office wall systems so your office can have the exact look and feel you want due to our universal door kit and field fit techniques.

Office Design Concepts

No matter if the office space you are designing needs a modern, contemporary or more classic look we have a office door that will meet your needs. Our office doors are easily installed and just as easy to remove should you decide you want to “freshen” up your office space with a new door.

Office Door Modulations

  • Single Door – Solid Wood or Aluminum Frame
  • Single Door – Glass
  • Double Door – Solid Wood or Aluminum Frame
  • Double Door – Glass
  • Sliding Door – Glass Overhead or Bottom Roller

Solid Construction – Noise Reduction

NxtWall interior office walls are durable and can withstand even the busiest office environment. NxtWall office doors are no exception. Our office doors offer the permanence and strength of a traditional structure with the freedom of being completely demountable and reusable.

Our office walls have a high acoustical rating and our office doors are no different. They provide noise reduction along with being highly aesthetic.


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