NxtWall Chicago Showroom Virtual Tour 2016

Welcome to the 2016 virtual tour of the NxtWall Chicago Showroom. Use the white arrows to navigate in that direction throughout the showroom or click anywhere on the tour to advance. To view side-to-side or up-and-down, click and hold anywhere on the tour and move your mouse rotating the camera angle. For fullscreen, click the upper-right square button.

Some highlights from the 2016 NxtWall showroom included a cork material wall with a patina finish, a privacy room with sound dampening components, and a stunning curved glass wall conference room with the NxtWall company logo applied in a frosted decorative film.

NxtWall Chicago Showroom
401 N Franklin St #4e
Chicago, IL 60654
NxtWall Chicago Showroom Map

Video: NxtWall Creates Opportunities…


NxtWall wall systems are the complete solution for the ever-changing needs of today’s interior spaces. Three very important aspects are designed into all our walls: Simplicity, Flexibility, and Sustainability. The Flex Office Wall Series is our most flexible integrated glass and solid wall system. View Glass Office Walls are our seamless and elegant glass fronts. Both office wall series are completely movable and understand the demands of the changing architectural interior, making future renovations easier on your timelines and budgets.