DGP – Switchable Privacy Glass Film Information

Dynamic Glass Products, LLC is a leading North American supplier of PDLCD switchable glass film. DGP’s switchable glass film solutions can solve privacy, glare, overheating or cleanliness issues for your spaces with glass wall rooms. With the flip of a switch, DGP’s Switchable Privacy Glass and Switchable Privacy Film allow you to have on-demand control over room privacy. In addition, DGP’s switchable glass and switchable film works well with NxtWall’s Flex and View Series demountable walls and can be thoroughly cleaned (unlike curtains and blinds) allowing you to reduce glare and solar heat gain while blocking harmful UV and IR rays. DglassP Films have been used in some of the worlds tallest buildings as well as in metro and suburban office environments.

NxtWall View Series Glass with Switchable Glass Film

NxtWall View Series Glass with Switchable Glass Film


Features & Benefits of Switchable Privacy Glass/Film

  • Switchable Film can retrofit on to existing glass or be used in new construction
  • Provide privacy where needed and on-demand
  • Cleaner and healthier alternative to mechanical blinds, curtains or shades
  • Film can adhere to glass surfaces or be laminated inside of glass panels allowing significant control over light transmittance
  • Can help control temperatures of spaces by minimizing solar heat gain
  • Can be used for privacy screening, high def digital display, glare control, UV light blocking, and increasing energy efficiency
  • With 6 switch options available you have the flexibility to choose what is ideal for your project

DGP Switchable Glass Product Types:

DGP Adhesive Switchable Privacy Glass Film

Adhesive Switchable Privacy Glass Film

The film is delivered with a uniform and transparent adhesive.  For installation, carefully clean the glass, remove the protective release layer and apply.

DGP Non-Adhesive Switchable Privacy Glass Film

Non-Adhesive Switchable Privacy Glass Film

This film is delivered without an adhesive. It can be used in free-standing applications including window displays and projection surfaces.

DGP Laminated Switchable Privacy Glass Film

Lamination Switchable Privacy Glass Film

In DGP’s third offering, the switchable privacy film is laminated between two sheets of glass. Film is available in custom sizes to meet specific installation needs.

More Information is Available at DGP's Official Website

Visit the DGP offical website at https://dglassp.com for more information, accessories and technical specifications.