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Movable Office Partitions... What’s Driving the Need?

Today's offices need 100% Movable, reusable and modular office wall partitions that are also aesthetically pleasing. Add in the benefits of being completely versatile, sustainable and minimal cost makes modular office partitions a smart choice... Read more about movable, reusable Office Partitions

Movable Office Partitions... What’s Driving the Need?

Replace Conventional Clerestory - Clear Story Office Wall Construction

Replace conventionally constructed interior walls with sustainable, minimal cost replaceable wall partitions. The next wall to replace the conventional commercial interior construction of walls, or simply- gypsum walls, must provide real flexibility to construct at both the... Read more about our drywall replacement wall series

Stylish Modern Clerestory Movable Office Walls

Sustainable Movable Walls: Cost Benefit and Affordability

Movable demountable walls offer many benefits, including flexibility and affordability. Smart facility managers are already aware of what they can gain by choosing movable walls/partitions over traditional drywall as a replacement... Read more about the cost benefits of our movable walls

Sustainable Movable Office Wall System

The Most Sustainable Demountable Wall on the Planet...

The Most Sustainable Demountable Interior Walls. Our walls offer the opportunity for: Product Reuse, Ease of providing or introducing light emitting material for daylight harvesting, Easy and cost effective recycling, Regional material usage, and Minimal use of VOC’s... Read more about our sustainable walls...

The Most Sustainable Demountable Office Wall

Architectural Walls…

Demountable Office Wall Partitions

for Today’s Workspace and Tomorrow’s Needs


What we do…

Flex Office Walls is our most flexible demountable reusable wall series and our View Glass Office Wall series provides floor to ceiling glass walls. Both wall systems can be integrated together or used on their own, to deliver performance and aesthetics like none other! Our movable walls are a true drywall replacement and because they are removable and reusable they are a sustainable and environmentally friendly scalable office remodeling solution.


Who we are…

NxtWall understands floor to ceiling walls like no other company. We recognize that “Simplicity is good engineering… while complexity costs money”. This principle is central to our efforts to deliver a “real” demountable wall solution that supports and promotes change, and understands the importance of cost while adapting to the needs of an ever changing workplace.

Innovation is the creation of the new… or the rearranging of the old in a new way”

The NxtWall team is committed to listening to its customers around the world and delivering architectural product solutions that are always innovative, always affordable… always your next wall.


What makes us different…

NxtWall is unlike any other wall company on the market today. Our unique approach delivers a floor to ceiling wall solution that is not simply designed and made for today’s spaces like the “unitized” or “pre-manufactured” demountable wall systems of the past. Our unique “field adaptable” and simplified framing approach, creates a demountable wall system with extreme flexibility.

You can easily partition off an interior space without compromising quality or aesthetics, our clerestory interior walls allow natural light in. Our modular wall partitions are easily moveable so you can reconfigure your office space with minimum downtime. Because our office walls are removable, they are a cost effective way to remodel office space. Increase or decrease the square footage of office space in a room, quickly and without any additional expense.

The ability to reconfigure and reuse modular office walls during office renovations is not only a sustainable environmentally friendly design method, it is an excellent way to keep remodeling costs down.


We provide solutions…

There’s a reason why people say… ”it’s a true facilities manager’s product” … we make moveable walls that are a real solution. NxtWall understands who is left moving and adapting these walls. Three very important aspects are designed into all our walls: Simplicity, Flexibility, and Sustainability. The Flex Office Wall Series is our most flexible integrated glass and solid wall system. View Glass Office Walls are our seamless and elegant glass fronts, both of our office wall series are completely movable and understand the demands of the changing architectural interior.

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