NxtWall Glass Clerestory and Sidelight Image Galleries:

Both clerestory and sidelight panels are a great way to bring natural light into interior office spaces. Both office wall options are a simple way to harvest daylight for energy savings while retaining the feel of solid walls.

Privacy and Natural Light

Each office culture is different, some offices prefer floor to ceiling glass walls, while others prefer the privacy of a solid wall. Clerestory and sidelight panels when added to your modular office system, give both privacy and the ability to add the benefits of daylighting to your interior office space design.

Clerestory Office Wall Options

Solid Front
Fabric Panels
Whiteboard Integration
Frosted Glass for more daylight harvesting

Sidelight Office Wall Options

Clear Glass
Frosted Glass
Decorative Glass

Nxtwall office wall systems are completely modular and integrate for a multitude of configurations. Because they are completely demountable and reusable it is a simple matter to swap out a glass sidelight panel for a solid panel and vice versa.


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