Switchable Smart Glass and NxtWall Architectural Walls

Switchable Glass Walls are now Available

At the flip of a switch, go from transparent to translucent glass wall panels instantly. Smart Glass or Switchable Glass as it is called in the industry, works when the light transmission properties of glass are altered when an electrical current is applied. The UL approved technology provides unprecedented command over the amount of light, privacy, glare and heat that enters a space and is ideal for Commercial Interior, Government Services and Higher Education applications.

Glass Wall Panels A Clear Trend in Office Design for 2015

  Office interior designs are getting a fresh look with environmental demountable glass wall panels, flexible modern furnishings and increasingly minimalistic multi-purpose workspaces.   These 2015 office trends serve the new office acumen of collaboration and mobility. The agents of change for this new office climate include renewed environmental awareness, technological advances, flexibility of worker…