The NxtWall Single Trade Installation Advantage

The NxtWall Single Trade Advantage

Shortages of skilled labor has hit an all-time high in the post-pandemic construction industry. Conventional construction companies are scrambling to find qualified drywallers, electricians, and carpenters to get the job. As a result of the shortage of skilled workers there are long delays and extended completion dates. Only a single trade is needed to install NxtWall from start-to-finish, as opposed to the extended schedules that come with standard construction methods. Many unhappy customers are rethinking standard drywall construction methods and making the jump to NxtWall demountable walls to get the job done fast…

NxtWall Made in USA Demountable Walls

NxtWall Demountable Walls are proud to be Made in America

Labor Day is an important reminder of why the terms “Made in USA” and “Made in America” are so important. When consumers buy American made products this allows companies to stay on American soil and provide Americans with jobs. It also ensures the American consumer will receive a quality product made according to US standards. NxtWall is proud to be Made in America!

New NxtWall Demountable Wall Finishes

Announcing: New NxtWall Demountable Wall Finishes

NxtWall is proud to announce the addition of two new lines of demountable wall panels. Formica Infiniti offers antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, while Spectrim Ven4ma finishes offers extreme durability which can withstand the use of strong cleaning agents. Both new lines of demountable wall finishes make use of advanced technology to help keep any work environment clean especially now during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Minimizing Environmental Impact, While Maximizing Health of Occupants

When you’re designing a new building, or renovating an older space it’s important to have the overall health of the building’s occupants in mind. Too many buildings in the past simply utilized the cheapest materials or the most readily available materials at the time. Today, re-creating these spaces with natural materials, ventilation, and sunlight minimizes…

Interior Glass Walls Clear Choice in 2015 and Beyond

Universities and corporations’ attraction to interior glass walls has continued to be a clear choice for sustainable, affordable construction. NxtWall recognizes it is really no surprise to anyone in the commercial and higher education construction market. The simple, sleek and striking aesthetic of interior glass walls is impossible to resist and all indications show a…

Sustainable Workplace Design – Constructing creative work environments in the workplace

Why do the creatives have all the fun? I recently toured the Herman Miller creative department workspaces at the Herman Miller Design Yard in Holland, Michigan. Beyond the lusting over the Eames furniture designs and deciding what to order from the barista at the coffee bar, the sustainable workplace design had me considering meeting with…

Green Building Materials Hit the Wall Over Certification Wars

  Many of us in the commercial building and green building materials industry are hearing the cries from the front lines of the green building certification wars. Numerous articles of late proclaim one green building certification over another. From net-zero energy to green building materials,  sustainable design has become ann oxymoron in some circles. It’s…