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Eco-Friendly School Building Products with Long Life Cycles


Higher education eco-friendly school building products - clerestory classroom whiteboard-demountable-wallsThis month brings us to the MIAPPA 2014 conference. NxtWall has decided to attend this year because it is being held at Mackinac Island. This motor-free historical setting will give us the opportunity to see how easily our eco-friendly school building products and displays for demountable walls can be transported by bicycle. It’s all part of our product life cycle analysis and choosing the less emissions from transportation approach.

Seriously, we are most looking forward to connecting with our college and university facility managers, aka higher education physical plant administrators to see how we can serve them best. We are proud to work in partnership with higher education to ensure that every student has the best space for learning with the least amount of impact on the environment.

How does Nxtwall Partner with Higher Education as an Eco-Friendly School Building Products Manufacturer?

NxtWall has answered the call for eco-friendly school building products by installing our demountable wall systems in nearly all of the top 10 schools and in many other colleges and universities throughout the United States. The MIAPPA conference grants us the opportunity to visit directly with the decision makers responsible for the selection of eco-friendly school building materials for their campuses. These physical plant managers and administrators are the workers who may benefit most from products with long life cycles like NxtWall demountable walls. The facility managers in higher education jump through hoops annually to re-configure college facilities on limited budgets with more demands for eco-friendly school building products and environmentally conscious practices, often with shortened time lines.

Facility plant managers in higher education schools are currently under pressure to find eco-friendly school building products that will assist them in meeting a variety of certification goals. By specifying eco-friendly school building products like re-usable demountable wall partitions, colleges and universities have a one time investment that can be reconfigured time and time again. With recycled and recyclable content our moveable classroom walls, and demountable glass office walls deliver multiple tick marks for sustainability rating systems used by many colleges and universities today.

Some of the sustainability rating systems for higher education schools include:

  • LEED v4
  • Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS)
  • Green Globes
  • Society for Environmentally Responsible Facilities (SERF)


How NxtWall demountable walls meet eco-friendly school building products guidelines:

  • green building materials
  • recycled content
  • recyclable content
  • lower emissions
  • increased daylighting with View glass demountable wall systems
  • less remodeling and construction waste
  • increased life span of school building interiors
  • more… depending on product line chosen…

We are looking forward to this opportunity to speak one on one with physical plant managers and workers to receive more feedback about how NxtWall demountable walls are performing, how they may be improved or how they may be a sustainable solution to help physical plants in higher education meet the LEED v4 and other building sustainable certifications as re-usable eco-friendly school building materials.

Michigan-made Demountable Walls


December rings in the holidays with droves of visitors to the stores seeking those much sought after gifts. It is also a time for businesses to review. While people are enjoying various holiday festivities many businesses are enjoying increased profits and customer growth for 2013. Gratefully, our state of Michigan has experienced a resurgence in most if not all sectors of industry.

Although the media focused on the blight of Detroit and the bankruptcy announcement late this Summer we know what’s next. What’s next is a new generation of passionate, strong, world-changers who are driving the re-building of this great city. Nxtwall is excited to be a part of this team accelerating Detroit. Our project at Ford Field is a shining example of the powerful energy and hard work that is fueling Detroit and Michigan. Committed Michigan entrepreneurs and new leaders are striving to put Michigan in the pole position of industry once again. (Watch for updates on the Ford Field project in future blog entries.)

modular glass wall offices

Michigan-made, Focused on You

As a dependable, sustainable, and creative interior construction company that is also Michigan-made, Nxtwall encourages you to buy local. A fertile and fruitful economy helps build the character of your locale and increases the well-being of each community. Sustaining local businesses provide jobs, vitalize economies and contributes to local issues and platforms by keeping money in the local economy. We know that communities that push to preserve unique businesses tend to have an economic advantage.

As we become more conscious purchasers and supportive neighbors we support the earth by reducing our carbon footprint with each local purchase and sustainable product purchased. With new businesses and products on the market offering new features and using more sustainable materials the product diversity and competition keeps innovation up and prices down.  We can make conscious purchases that support the planet and our local communities.

Nxtwall’s manufacturing plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan works with a network of material, production, and service providers within a 10 mile radius. Reduced transportation between all stages of production lessens carbon emissions, fuel consumption, and labor, also resulting in lower product costs. Nxtwall is committed to the use of environmentally friendly materials as well as the design of reusable wall systems. Nxtwall reusable walls are some of the best PVC-free products on the market. Where did your coffee cup come from? What is it made of? What happens when you are done with it? As consumers we owe it to the next generation – and to our communities – to ask these questions.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Buy American

America’s economy is based around entrepreneurship. It serves as a key for pushing low prices and high innovation. Even if the products you need to purchase for your next building product are not manufactured in your local state you can still support your local community and reduce your carbon footprint by choosing to work with local dealers who offer products produced in the United States. When businesses pull in new customers and employees local expenditures increase and the tax bar is raised.

A sustainable environment helps pump more money into the local economy, creates new jobs and provides customer service that larger big box stores simply cannot. Build the kind of economic infrastructure that grows from local providers.

Nxtwall is a proud Michigan based company that distributes economical demountable walls for office and commercial interior design spaces throughout the United States with local dealer networks. Visit our website to find a dealer near you. For those who celebrate, enjoy a green Christmas.

Demountable Glass Office Walls - View Series by NxtWall

Use of Demountable Glass Walls in Small Office Environments


Open a World of Possibilities With Demountable Glass.

Workplace design is something that is often overlooked or is designed to minimize expenses without consideration for employees.
The size doesn’t really matter as much as the design. Converting small spaces may require more insight than budget considerations.
Issues to consider:

  • How is the business run?
  • How does communication flow?
  • How are decisions made? i.e. top down or collaboratively?
  • What image does company want to project?
  • How does it look to clients? Employees?
  • Privacy
  • Sustainability

Companies want to do more, faster, better for less

Space reflects a company’s attitude about everything from their image to the well-being of their employees. It has been scientifically proven that the conditions of an office can effect your communication, energy, mood and sleep patterns. What are you saying to the world about your practices if you lock yourself away in a tight, dark and isolated office?

Use natural light to open up space and give it character

The use of sliding glass doors can increase the sense of space. Balance between open and closed offices will give a better sense of flow and diversity. Face to face interaction will become a more welcoming and helpful part of the work day. Create light and spacious work environment so nothing can bound your creativity or ingenuity.

One thing is clear

Adding glass opens up an area and reflects light. Glass walls create a collaborative feel, spur conversation, sharing of ideas and brainstorming. Other benefits can include:

• increased communication and collaboration

• energizing natural light with expansive outdoor views,

Science has proven natural light increase cortisol which enhances mood, encourages teamwork and boosts creativity! In a recent study comparing the benefits of natural light and artificial light, scientist Mirjam Muench found:

“Compared to the afternoon, people who had DL (Daylight) were significantly more alert at the beginning of the evening, and subjects who were exposed to AL (Artificial light) were significantly sleepier at the end of the evening.”


And one can never underestimate the power of aesthetics

• beauty and elegance of glass,

• clean, contemporary look & feel

• sustainability and connection to surroundings.

All you need is clean simple design to lighten up a room.


Increase Workplace Collaboration with NxtWall Movable Walls

Increase Collaboration with Movable and Reusable Walls

Tear down the walls to design a collaborative work space.

Today’s top organizations are trending towards collaborative efforts from their work forces. Executives and managers recognize that collective brainpower not only leads to a more productive and successful outcome, but it’s also a tool for engaging team members and providing a more satisfying work experience for them.

The challenge comes in creating an environment that promotes interaction, teamwork and collaboration between coworkers. While the desire may be there, often times the physical office structure may be lagging behind. Many organizations have not allocated space for workers to pool their talents and work together in a productive manner.

Intentional space…if you build it, they will come.

Providing proper space is crucial for successful collaboration. Workers need areas where they can share ideas, get input and build knowledge. Whether that translates to a traditional conference room,a smaller huddle room or simply a space for informal conversation, movable walls such as Nxtwall’s Flex Wall System, provide a flexible and affordable solution for creating that space.

Not only is the Flex Wall System fully adaptable to any building configuration and architectural condition, but it is completely reusable. So as time goes by and an organization’s needs change,the space can be easily reconfigured using the existing walls. Thus providing a more flexible and affordable solution to drywall. Plus the adaptability for future changes allows companies to maximize the use of existing space without expensive renovations.

Usable surfaces are fundamental to collaboration.

While brainstorming and the sharing of ideas are optimal for increasing staff productivity, it is also essential to have the proper tools to aid in the process. Once team members have their creative juices flowing and ideas popping, there needs to be a way of recording it all, lest the thoughts fall into obscurity.

So while creating collaborative space, it is important to consider incorporating tools such as marker boards and chalkboards. Built right into the Nxtwall’s Flex Wall System, these writable surfaces provide an excellent means of capturing ideas as they occur. Traditionally used in conference rooms, offices, training centers and the like, some organizations have placed writable surfaces throughout their office space so that not even one idea goes unnoticed.

Another option is tackable walls which enable workers to pin ideas, photos and other inspirational pieces on the walls of their work spaces. Nxtwall’s fabric tackable walls are made from up to 98% post consumer content and have a high acoustical rating.

Get On Board.

Whether an organization has promoted the team concept for some time or is just considering getting on the bandwagon, one thing is for certain, planning for and providing the right physical space is the essential starting point in creating the proper environment for collaborative activities.

Be sure to visit us in Philadelphia at the 2013 IFMA World Workplace, October 2nd-4th Booth #738. Get an up close and personal look at the Nxtwall system. Plus enter to win a $100 Visa gift card just by stopping by!

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