Switchable Smart Glass and NxtWall Architectural Walls

Switchable Glass Walls are now Available

At the flip of a switch, go from transparent to translucent glass wall panels instantly. Smart Glass or Switchable Glass as it is called in the industry, works when the light transmission properties of glass are altered when an electrical current is applied. The UL approved technology provides unprecedented command over the amount of light, privacy, glare and heat that enters a space and is ideal for Commercial Interior, Government Services and Higher Education applications.

Bank on it with NxtWall

Why do so many Financial Institutions use NxtWall Architectural Walls?

Nearly 20,000 lineal feet of NxtWall Flex and View Series demountable walls have been used this past year to transform bank offices into places where customers want to visit and do business. NxtWall demountable walls provide the perfect solution for banks and other financial institutions when it comes to delivering the look they want at an affordable price. Which brings up the question: Why do so many Financial Institutions use NxtWall Architectural Walls?

NXTWALL: Time is Money

Time is Money

Learn about The Financial Guys NxtWall Case Study, Time is Money. NxtWall’s new Quick Ship Program allows orders using stock finishes, hardware, wallboard, and framing to be shipped in as little as 7 days. NxtWall already has one of the fastest lead times in the demountable wall industry (15 days) but with our quick ship program, we can now provide product even faster.

NxtWall Demountable Wall Systems Functional and Flexible

NxtWall – Flexible and Functional Modular Wall Systems

FLEXIBLE & FUNCTIONAL NxtWall modular wall systems create the perfect environment for success. NxtWall’s stylish architectural wall products offer unlimited opportunities to create the perfect environment. Clean lines and user focused designs, NxtWall Architectural Wall Systems offer endless customization. Functional and flexible NxtWall combines solid or glass panels for work space design solutions. Add a…

Nightingale Chooses NxtWall Glass Walls as an Innovative Office Design Solution

  As interior designers, architects and facility managers flocked the Chicago Merchandise Mart during the month of June, showrooms came alive. From higher education, hospitality and healthcare solutions to innovative office design, new products were introduced, relationships were built, meetings commenced and parties were plentiful. In anticipation of this creative group each year, NxtWall designers…

Commercial Construction: Retrofitting Buildings for Office Spaces

The new sustainability motto for commercial construction should be reduce, reuse, recycle, retrofit. Building green doesn’t always mean starting from scratch with the latest and greatest green products. Retrofitting buildings offer many opportunities, especially with office spaces, where companies can save money, energy and natural resources. Retrofitting buildings can prove to be a higher environmental…

Waste Diversion Planning for the Construction Industry

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates over 136 million tons of waste is generated annually by residential and commercial building-related construction and demolition. This results in a disproportionate amount of waste in landfills coming from the construction industry. The environmental impact of over flowing landfills is only part of the issue. The unnecessary…